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Development & Public Finance, LLC doing business as Development & Financial Advisory ("DevFA") provides comprehensive financial consulting services associated with the acquisition, entitlement, and development of residential and nonresidential real estate assets. DevFA's team experience includes projects located throughout California, Washington, Nevada and New Mexico.​



​Michael F. Whipple, Sr., the President and founder of Development & Public Finance, LLC has been in public finance since 1970.  DevFA provides our clients with a comprehensive and diversified approach to solving development and financial challenges.

DevFA is led by an experienced consulting team. Experience includes advisory in land secured financing, fiscal impacts, development agreement and public agency negotiations, real estate valuations, investment banking, real estate asset acquisitions and disposition strategies, financial policy advisory, CEQA/land use alternative analysis, and entitlement and development funding strategies.

​DevFA supports and is actively involved with various community and industry organizations, including our partnership with the North State Building Industry Association to develop the Data Center as well as our proud support of HomeAid Sacramento.

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Our Mission

"To ensure that our client's success is achieved in a cost effective manner through smart ideas, hard work, and strong relationships among our firm, our clients, and the public and private sectors."

Advisory Team


Michael F. Whipple, Sr., President

​​Michael F. Whipple, Jr.,​ Vice President

James Sotero, Senior Associate

Greg Angelo​, Consultant

Benjamin Caragan​​​​​, Consultant


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